Here, I am hoping to put collections of my unpublished technical write-ups (i.e unpublished with technical journals). Mostly related to microfabrication, working with sensors & electronics and building sensors.

Working with Octave/MATLAB

If you work in a technical field at some point you may have worked with MATLAB. Not so recently, I came across Octave (dubbed as the open source and free alternative to MATLAB). As a result, I decided to make notes on my transition and also help my fellow engineers or someone looking to get a start with Octave or MATLAB (Hopefully, this is useful). Octave appears to be very similar to MATLAB and most of my scripts working on both Octave and MATLAB. If you are interested in learning Octave – I have started writing for kENGRoo. It is a work in progress and there should be a lot of advanced tutorials coming there soon.