Plasma Processing for semiconductor devices

  • Evaluation of plasma processing to CNT and graphene devices
  • Plasma processing damage to devices (ICP, LAPPS etc)
  • Surface functionalization methods
  • Atomic layer etching (ALE)

High throughput microfluidic sensors

  • Multichannel microfluidic device using radially configured channels for bioparticle detection
  • Bioparticle detection using coplanar, parallel channel microfluidic device
  • Frequency division multiplexing in multichannel microfluidic devices
  • Multichannel microfluidic devices using isolation electrodes

Imepdance sensing using Microfluidic sensors

  • Electroimpedance characterization and development of electrical model for resistive pulse sensors
  • Capacitive sensors using meso-scale parallel plate devices
  • Capacitive sensors for metal debris detection using microfabricated devices

Electrowetting actuators

  • Micromanipulation based on electrowetting

Application of semiconductors to biosening

  •  Metal Oxide – Semiconductor – electrolyte capacitors
  • Nanowire FETs


  • Isoelectric point characterzation of proteins
  • Detection and characterization of proteins using ss-DNA aptamers
  • Glucose assay

Surface functionalization methods

  • Surface functionalization methods for biosensing application
  • Selective surface functionalization on metal oxides

Signal processing and acquisition methods

  • Wavelets for signal processing of resistive pulse sensing data
  • Development of a low cost EEG