Armed with a doctoral degree in Engineering, I am working at the interface of micro- and nano-technology.

My main research interest lies in developing technologies targeted towards cheap, portable and reliable solutions, which can be used in developing economies for health monitoring. This can be done using lab-on-chip type devices to provide real-time quantitative measurements.

Until recently, I was working as a Sr. Materials Process Engineer with the Plasma Physics group and  Materials Research Lab (MRL) at IBM. Here, my core efforts were aimed at working with the research and engineering team to develop RIE processes for next generation devices being developed at IBM Research.

Before this, I had been working in the Exploratory Devices team at the IBM TJ Watson Research Center (NY, USA) as a Research Scientist. Here, my work here was focused on the integration of semiconductor devices with micro and nanofluidic components to enable protein detection and characterization.

I  completed my doctoral studies in 2011 and M.S in 2007  from The University of Akron (Ohio, US) at the Department of Mechanical Engineering. Here my research was towards developing microfluidic sensors and actuators under the guidance of Dr. Jiang Zhe.

My research work is reflected in my publications and is also described on the research page of this website.